Dinner With The General

This is a high end event featuring an exotic menu of historically accurate recipes. Tickets in 2006 cost $25. In 2006, the dinner was accompanied by a Military Ball. Costumes were optional, and many folks wore them. Some gentlemen came in their military finery from the 19th century. Our General for the dinner was played by Ray Howser, who did it reluctantly. We made sure he didn't have to say much, because he didn't want to. He was terrific, though.

The dinner was served buffet style in 2006, but many requests were made to have a sit-down dinner, served. The menu in 2006 included a "steamship of bison" and other recipes.

See the Victorian Christmas Feast for further information about the intentions of these dinners.

This pattern worked well, and we'll probably do this event again in 2007 sometime near Independence Day.

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