Exhibits at AWHC

This page will address aspects of the exhibits program at the American West Heritage Center.

Plans and Ideas for 2007

  • Craig Law, a USU photographer who is world-renowned for his photos artistically documenting Barrier Canyon style pictographs, will be exhibiting his work, probably in late Spring. He will be including photos from Shoshone pictographs found on the Western slopes of the Wellsville Mountains.
  • The Quilt Show is an annual event that will probably take place in the Welcome Center in late August.
  • The AWHC may be creating a juried art show, with professional, amateur and youth divisions.
  • The AWHC owns lots of minatures, which may be put on display.
  • Michael Bingham, a local artist, has been managing the procurement of several pieces of art by established, professional artists who live in the area. These should go on display some time during 2007.

Donors & Sponsors

  • Funding can be sought for the entire season, or on a show by show basis.
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