Fall Harvest Festival

This page is all about Fall Harvest Festival, a popular event held each Fall at the American West Heritage Center.

Notes for 2007

For any festival with entertainment, we need a person in charge of the sound system to be there always to help out, adjust levels, and manage the area.

Notes on the Kids' Carnival from Stephanie Gurr (who managed it)

The carnival is an aspect of Fall Harvest Festival that kids love and is pretty popular. Make sure you have at least two or three other people to help with this event. There are a lot of little details that need to be taken care of for this event to be successful.

Suggestions and Steps for a Successful Carnival

First, decide what games that you want to have at the carnival. Make sure you plan games for boys and girls and for younger children, as well as the older children. 2006 carnival games:

  1. Fish pond
  2. Dart balloons
  3. Ping Pong Ball toss - we got a bunch of different antique pieces with holes in them for the ping pong balls to go into. We also used fish bowls. The antique pieces and the fish bowl were intermixed to create the game. Different heights of platforms such as a table, different size wooden boxes, etc…were used for different levels.
  4. BB gun Arcade - The Heritage Center’s Red Rider BB Guns were used for this. Be sure you use safety goggles and have a couple of adults in the booth at all times to supervise.
  5. Duck pond - this was used for younger children. This game didn’t seem to be as popular as others.
  6. Bean Bag Toss
  7. Horseshoe Throw – Steel pegs were pounded into the ground and real horseshoes were used to throw.
  8. Dart Guns - Different antiques were used for the targets and little paper targets were made by David Sidwell to put on the antiques. Children tried to hit the targets with the darts.

We also had a few other activities

  • Fortune Teller
  • Face Painting
  • Pumpkin Launch
  • Swing onto the hay
  1. Search for different prizes for each game. Again, make sure you get prizes that are adequate for girls, as well as boys and for different age groups. Oriental Trade is a good company for prizes. The Heritage Center gets Oriental Trade magazines regularly so look through the magazines and get the prizes ordered at least one month in advance if possible. This will leave room to order more if you determine that you need to and it will leave room for the company to get them shipped to you. Each child that participates in each game should get a prize whether they succeed in the game or not.
  2. Make a list of supplies that will be needed for each game. Search the buildings at the Heritage Center and get with the site director to see what supplies are already available before you buy them. The other supplies that the Heritage Center doesn’t have, you will need to purchase with the company’s card or you can buy the supplies and then get reimbursed. Get with your supervisor before buying these supplies to ensure the appropriate payment method.
  3. Determine the most appropriate place for the carnival to be placed on the festival grounds. Get with other programmers to determine the setup for the Fall Harvest Festival, since the carnival is coordinated with this festival.
  4. Decide how the carnival needs to be set up and how it needs to be decorated. During the 2006 carnival, we used the different awnings for the various games.
  5. During the week of the carnival, at least a couple of days prior to the carnival begin setup and decorating.
  6. Make sure you have enough prizes and supplies for each of the games. During the 2006 carnival, the balloons for the dart game ran out during the middle of the day. We had to shut down this game halfway through the carnival.
  7. Make sure you have a couple of people to monitor the carnival throughout the day. They will need to make sure all of the games have the supplies they need and that things are running smoothly. There will be volunteers at every game that will rotate throughout the day.

Bear River Heritage Area Fair

The date for the festival is earlier in 2007, and so many BRHA folks will be a the Gardener's Market in Logan. We will still invite them to participate. We are also waiting to hear from Tom Proffit to see if the Gardener's Market could move to the Heritage Center on that Saturday.

Corn Maze

Living History

Harvest Activities:

  • Threshing Wheat with old time machines
  • Apple Pressing
  • Sorghum Pressing
  • Corn Shelling
  • Other?

Country Fair type stuff

  • Cookie Bake off?
  • Pie Contest?
  • Butter Carving?
  • Other?

American West Art Show

Plays, Skits and Shows

Funding, Donors and Sponsors

  • Steve is checking to see if Lee's Marketplace will sponsor this event so we can make it free to the public.
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