Festivals Committee

(Note: Please do NOT edit this page. To submit programming ideas for festivals, please go to the specific page for that festival).

Committee Guidelines

Thanks for being willing to serve on the Festivals Committee!

Committee Meeting Times:
2nd Thursday of each month.
4-5 pm at the American West Heritage Center

Before continuing, you may want to review the AWHC's Mission & Goals. The Festivals Committee is an action-oriented committee that will plan, organize, enhance and manage the various festivals and special events that take place at the American West Heritage Center throughout the year. Ultimately, our goal is to make each festival and special event into a world-class, living history and outdoor folk-life attraction that will boost attendance and support to the Heritage Center over the summer and and attract both local visitors and tourists from outside our immediate area. The Committee will assist in this venture by doing the following:

• Attend monthly meetings.

• Assist in planning and idea-gathering.

• Take responsibilities for various elements of Festivals as assigned by the chair and work to complete them.

• Organizing, when needed, ad hoc committees and subcommittees to assist in the completion of assignments.

• Helping to create and conceive of possible activities for each festival, special event, and their components.

• Providing ideas for marketing and promotion of festivals and special events and helping to implement these ideas.

Festivals and Special Events for 2007

Minutes from Feb. 8

Festivals Committee Meeting

Minutes Feb. 8, 2007

  1. Upcoming special events: we just went through the calendar that you can find by clicking on Calendar in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. James let us know the results of his festival names polls.
    1. It looks like “Spirit of ’47 Pioneer Jubilee” and “Pioneer Jubilee” were on top for the summer event. He also noted that some folks did NOT like the word “Jubilee” at all. I’m inclined to go with the simple one: Pioneer Jubilee.
    2. Frontier Christmas was on top here
    3. David asked the committee to remember that these polls are to INFORM us, not dictate to us.
  3. Animals Update (Cody). We’re getting lots of animals, so we’ll be okay this year it appears.
  4. Is there a way to help facilitate some order at the festival (lines to see animals rather than crowding around)? David asked us to think about this. Cody suggested that simple stantions might help.
  5. Maceys! Maceys is our presenting sponsor for the festival—what does that mean? How can we use it? We discussed this and noted that we’ll have a table at Maceys for memberships and also Maceys will be providing some ads for us via their regular newspaper inserts.
  6. David wondered if anyone would be interested in taking on the Animal Homes Contest as a project. There was no response, but if you're interested, please contact him.
  7. We spoke about asking for money and other contributions and how Dr. Jones’s students could do so efficiently and in good order. Carey, via James, passed out a detailed strategy for getting this done. It looks like it’ll work. Carey will also write letters for Steve to sign that will denote the students as official representatives of AWHC.
  8. Baby Animal Days reports and planning, and introduction of Dr. Jones's students. It looks like things are underway with the students, who are working hard in the time they have.
  9. We ran out of time, but David did ask that we all think about what activities would go to make up our Pioneer Jubilee in July.

Thanks to all who attended or helped in any way!

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