Hands On Activities

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This page is for hands-on activities that could be used for many different events and occasions from daily programming to festivals to school groups and more.

How to make a Cotton Ball Sheep

Materials needed:

  • Several cotton balls
  • One tongue depressor
  • Two clothes pins
  • Glue


  1. Use the tongue depressor as the body of the sheep.
  2. Attach a clothespin on or near each end of the tongue depressor to make legs for the sheep.
  3. One clothespin should be about one inch from the end to make space for the sheep’s head.
  4. Glue cotton balls all over the depressor and legs, totally covering the sheep’s body.
  5. Draw a face on one end.

Diary Activity (Worksheet)

Name: ______ Date: ________

Directions: Imagine you are a child living on a Utah farm in the year 1917. Write a page in your diary about your day on the farm. You could write two or three entries explaining the things that you did each day. (Suggestions: What chores did you do? Who did you play with or talk to? What did you do with your friends? What did you hear about the WWI? What was everyone else in your family doing? What was your house like? What was your farm like?)

Dear Diary,

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