Kids Club

There have been several comments in passing over the last few months about having some kind of Kids Club (or whatever we end up calling it) here at the Heritage Center that would cater to kids interests. We need to brainstorm about this, but here are some ideas:

Mission & Description

The mission of the Kids Club is to foster a love of history in children, ages x to xteen (4-14?). Tailored especially to kids, the Kids Club would engage children in special activities and events, and allow members to engage in hands-on experiences in a special way, beyond what normal kids get to do. They would also be able to help at festivals and other events, and receive their very own newsletter.

Activities & Ideas

  • Special events made just for them
  • Free PastPort
  • Stuff: T-shirt, pin, coloring book, etc.
  • Discount prices for summer camps and gift shop
  • Fun-filled field trips to local historic sites of significance to younger ages
  • Special access to animals, such as helping to feed the buffalo and other attractions
  • Monthly meetings that are more like parties
  • Front of the line access to pony rides at festivals
  • Special help with history fair projects
  • Opportunities for participating in exhibits

Likewise, we would receive some benefit from the Kids Club:

  • Better and more targeted marketing for events and activities
  • Fostering new volunteers and re-enactors
  • Increasing AWHC memberships


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