March Of The Socks

NOTE: This page is a working draft document, intended to help in the planning and brainstorming to make this event fantastic. Feel free to join the wiki (see the navigation bar at left) and add your ideas!


This event was first put on in 2006. It is a Christmas Stocking decorating event in which local professional artists and members of the American West Heritage Quilt Collection Committee decorate and/or create Christmas stockings as a fundraiser.

The stockings are sold via silent auction. In 2006, the minimum bid for the stockings completed by professional artists was $35. Quilt committee stockings had a $15 minimum bid. A BUY IT NOW price was established for the winter festival at the AWHC. The BUY IT NOW price for professional artists' stockings was $200. Quilt committee stockings had a $50 BUY IT NOW price.

Here is the text from the public description displayed alongside the stockings:

Welcome to March of the Socks! Nationally renowned artists and our very own American West Historic Quilt Collection Committee have teamed up to bring you a Christmas event like no other. Benefits from this event will be used to assist the American West Heritage Center with its artists and exhibits program and to help maintain our heritage quilt collection.

One of our main goals is to promote the works of these great artists to the residents of the community in which they live—right here in Northern Utah. You will see works of artists here at the Heritage Center in the near future who have drawn inspiration from our lovely site and its events, living history and other activities and have created master works for area residents to enjoy. Normally, these artists find their audiences elsewhere, such as Jackson, Wyoming and in galleries nationwide, but with your generous help, we’ll see more of these artists and friends in our community ourselves.

Additionally, the quilt collection at the Heritage Center is significant for the legacy it provides visitors and others as these historic and heritage-oriented quilts are maintained and displayed. Through the purchase of these stockings, you can help preserve this heritage.

Whether you bid on a stocking for a gift, your business, for a collection, or for some other purpose, we hope you’ll be generous for the benefit of everyone in northern Utah … and we hope you’ll enjoy your new piece of art for years to come.

How to Bid

• This is a silent auction. There is a starting bid for each one-of-a-kind stocking.

• Please put your name, your current bid, and a way that we can contact you. Email is preferred so we can continue to send you current prices easily as the auction continues.

• Please bid in $5 increments.

• If you wish to make a special donation in addition to your bid, please speak with someone at the Welcome Center or the Mercantile.

• For the duration of A Winter Frolic only, there will be a Buy It Now price. We would appreciate your leaving the stocking at the Heritage Center for the duration of the exhibit—until Dec. 20.

• You may bid via email or check the status of your bid as the auction continues: gro.chwa|ofni#gro.chwa|ofni . You may also simply call us at 245-6050.

• To avail yourself of the Buy It Now price, simply speak with someone in the Mercantile or the Welcome Center.

Artwork by these talented artists usually sells for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Have fun bidding on these wonderful stockings!

2006 Statistics

  • Total Number of Stockings: 22
  • Total number of artists: 9 + quilt committee members
  • Total number of stockings sold: 18
  • Highest bid on a stocking: $150 (for 2 of them: the Winborg ones with the Indians)
  • Lowest bid: $15
  • Highest number of bids: 6 (for Jeremy Winborg's; three others had 5 bids)
  • Total number of individuals bidding: 14
  • Total funds raised: $885

Bid totals and numbers nearly doubled in the four days at Maceys (where they were displayed for four days), leading me to believe that the more people walk by them, the more and higher bids we'll have.

Participating Professional Artists in 2006:

  1. Michael Bingham
  2. George P. Bradshaw
  3. Beverly Byington
  4. Vonda Laurenson
  5. Joe Nelson
  6. Jonathan Ribera
  7. James H. Wilson
  8. Jeremy Winborg
  9. Larry Winborg
  10. (American West Heritage Quilt Collection Committee Members)

Ideas for next year:

  1. Do a PR and invite any artist to participate, including USU art students; have different divisions to keep the professional artist division "special."
  2. Have Professional, Amateur, Youth, and Fiber Arts divisions
  3. Ask artists to SUGGEST what the starting bid should be and what the BUY IT NOW price should be; AWHC would reserve the right to set any prices it wants
  4. Have an opening gala reception with artists and public.
  5. Send invitations for the reception to folks we think would be interested.
  6. Begin in September to get the stockings out to artists.
  7. Perhaps we could sell a few on Ebay? Just a few to see how it goes.
  8. It would be good to have a much wider price range, with more stockings in the lower end categories, perhaps from USU art students and other amateur artists, and youth.
  9. Have bios of professional artists (and perhaps others) with a list of credentials to invite higher bids.
  10. Have artists fill out a form with their contact information, suggested starting bid and BUY IT NOW price, bio information, title of work (if desired), and artist's statement (if desired).
  11. Have a display that reminds folks what the 2006 March of the Socks helped paid for, with photos.
  12. Tour the stockings: perhaps Maceys again, Gallery Walk, Novemberfest?, Holly Fair?, other places?
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