Pioneer Day Celebration

This event is currently scheduled for July 21, 2007. The title has not been set in stone yet.

Spirit of '47 Pioneer Jubilee

As a living history museum, we strive to promote and preserve the legacy of our heritage in many ways. This living history spirit enlivens all we do at the American West Heritage Center on a daily basis. We also apply it to our festivals.

In 2007, we seek to celebrate our pioneer heritage through living history activities in a festival setting centered around pioneers. We do not merely seek to celebrate the pioneers who settled and moved through our state and their achievements; we are committed to celebrating the pioneers just like the pioneers did: reliving through living history how they had fun on this historic day. From farming practices to foodways to amusements, the pioneers lived life to the fullest, and we will attempt to duplicate their efforts and practices through our lively Pioneer Jubilee.

When we live history and experience how folks worked and lived and played in another time, we realize some of these same strategies can work in our lives as well. Pioneers had solutions for real life back then, and by reliving their activities, we can find solutions for today and also for tomorrow. Creativity is enhanced. Understanding is heightened. Living history helps us build solutions and hope for today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Using in-depth research from a variety of reputable sources, our Spirit of '47 Pioneer Jubilee will focus on authentic and heritage-based activities. We will relive the celebrations just as the pioneers lived them, using the same tools, methods, and activities. From as early as 1848, they annually celebrated their entry through the canyons and into the valleys of the Great Salt Lake. At the American West Heritage Center, pioneer games, food, chores, parties, and other life ways will all be lived on this special day. In this way, visitors will be both educated and entertained and come away with a better and more accurate appreciation of the past.

Event Ideas

Progressive Handcart Dinner
"Duplicate" the way pioneers celebrated pioneer day
Pioneer sports such as log sawing, timber chopping, handcart races
Cooking demonstrations—perhaps a cooking contest of some kind
Pioneer Children Parade: Kids ONLY!

Marketing Ideas

Funding, Donors and Sponsors

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