Rendezvous Creek Players

The Rendezvous Creek Players is the performance troupe produced and presented by the American West Heritage Center. In 2006, they performed two short pieces that were presented about 8 times for Big Horse Adventures. Pieces performed were "Noodlehead Cowboys in 'The Bag of Gold'" and "Wild West Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet". They were well received.

The RCP add an entertainment value to the Heritage Center's activities. Certainly, in our mission to entertain audiences, RCP can help. We hope in the future to incorporate more education in their activities, such as brief presentations before or after shows that contrast actual history or heritage with what was performed.

Plans for 2007

  • Continue with Big Horse Adventures
  • Do at least one Shakespeare adaptation
  • Bring back "Dr. Quackenbush"
  • Get a student director from USU to actually direct the shows and manage them when performed
  • Advertise well in advance for actors to get enough. Focus on USU actors, but also community thespians
  • Invite Gunfighters to participate
  • Perform not only at Big Horse Adventures, but also at festivals and special events
  • Perform scripts but also skits, and perhaps even some improvisation games

Donors & Funders

  • In 2006, RCP were generously supported by Certified Nursing Services.
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