Each year in November, the American West Heritage Center sponsors a Tellabration—a world-wide event in which hundreds of thousands of people at locations all over the world gather to listen to stories. This event may be connected to our possible Native American Arts & Stories Festival.

Ideas for 2007

  • For 2007, we need to find an "Oral History Living Treasure"—someone who tells stories of their life really well and is a role model for us all. This person can tell stories at the event.
  • Most storytelling festivals of any significance have a national teller come. It takes only a couple of years for the reputation of a national storyteller to catch and bring in crowds.

Tellers for 2007

  • We need to get the Cache Valley Storytelling Guild going and invited to this event. Heck, they should help plan it.
  • AWHC staff could tell (David, Cody, others?)

Sponsors & Funders

  • For a national teller to come, the budget will be about $2000 in expenditures.
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