Victorian Christmas Feast

This is a high-end event that in 2006 cost $25 a ticket, actually rather inexpensive considering the prices at some of the restaurants in the area. Costumes are optional, but popular.

This feast presents a menu that features authentic, vintage recipes from the past.

We have learned that the dinner is best served rather than presented buffet style. It is nice to get exotic meats and things for the dinner, too.

In 2006, the dinner was held in conjunction with a Winter Ball. In 2007, the dinner will probably be held in conjunction with the opening night of our first annual Christmas Vaudeville show, that will feature performers of all kinds in a vaudeville-style format. The show will be free for dinner guests, but other nights, patrons will have to purchase tickets.

The intent of this dinner is to further explore the past through an historically accurate menu and interpretation. While most of our events are family-oriented, this event is intended to be for adults and gives us the opportunity to explore different aspects of historical life. We usually have interpretive materials on the tables about some aspect of old fashioned Christmas celebrating. In 2006, the interpretive materials included a quiz, an excerpt about Christmas pudding from Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and further notes about Christmas pudding.

Ideas for 2007

  • Much more marketing
  • Some guests recommended actual reenactors, such as having Dickens actually present and other 19th century characters.
  • Get board members involved with sending invitations
  • We did photos on a sleigh and it was certainly worth our while. More could be done to make this activity conspicuous, and we could dress up the photo area considerably.
  • Any way to provide rental costumes there for cheap? Perhaps just a jacket or bodice and hats?
  • It was suggested by David to do a Vaudeville Christmas show, but many folks found the dance so enchanting, it was one of the real reasons for coming. Perhaps the Vaudeville Christmas during dinner and the dance afterward? The Vaudeville Christmas could extend over four days, perhaps a friday and saturday again the next week, with the dinner having a preview performance, or the opening show.
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